About Jesus Lifestyle

Welcome to Jesus Lifestyle! I am so happy you’re here reading this. When we as women together lay down our lives for Jesus, stop gossiping and start covering each other’s backs, the Holy Spirit shows up to bring healing and hope making our broken lives whole. I’ve always wanted and looked for closed friends who know and love Jesus. To have a good friend you need to be a good friend. Following Jesus taught me how to be the kind of friend who loves others without demanding my way. The result is intimate fulfilling friendships where we push each other closer to Jesus. This is the Jesus Lifestyle – joyful living that is flourishing!


My Mission Statement

Live each day like a rag and squeeze every drop out of it. This is the main event. Joyfully live each day like I want my epitaph to read, “She was loving kind and wise.” My purpose is to make God’s Word lovable by how I live.

Meet Lindsey Clifford

Founder of Jesus Lifestyle and Editor of Just Jesus

Lindsey Clifford is a writer, speaker, and Bible study leader. She is the former radio talk-show host of “The Hopeline” in Washington, D.C. — a recovery show on healthy living using proven Biblical principles.

Her books include Just Jesus, Make A Difference Mentoring Woman to Woman, the Just Jesus Bible Study Series and Your Story Your Life on the Book of John.

Lindsey is a founding board member of ministry.com and the Dream Center Foundation. She loves swimming, reading, and spending time with her family and friends. She lives with her husband, Michael and their family in California.

A lover of God’s Word, her mission is to bring God’s Word to Life. Her passion is making the Bible lovable and livable.

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